Q2B Solution

Q2B Solution is an ALL-IN-ONE solution for venues in Africa, it is locally developed and very affordable venue management solution.

It will help you manage your Events, Weddings, Conferences, Functions, Activity bookings, Shows – Ticket sales, Accommodation reservations with awesome and easy to use online functionality to public. In the solution we also have reporting, automated feedback, Registration links for guests, Online payment option, integration with POS, Maintenance reports, Forecasting and paperless Gate control.

We even incorporated easy CRM to manage reservations for you. It is really the ALL-IN-ONE solution for venues to manage their venues effectively and affordable!”


We are a SaaS company in the hospitality and travel industry offering solutions across a wide spectrum of verticals including hotels, airlines, online travel agents, meta-search companies, vacation rentals, package providers, car rentals, rail, travel management companies, cruises and ferries.

We offer a suite of inter-connected products that manage the revenue creation value chain for our customers by leveraging our big-data capabilities and integration with other technology platforms helping hospitality and travel providers acquire more guests, retain them via personalized guest experiences and seek to maximize their margins.

Reboot Websites

Reboot Websites create the most spectacular websites in the country, we pride ourselves on our quality of work and our customer relations.

Our skilled creative team and cutting edge software developers create websites that complement your key business objectives.

You and your business are unique, so why must your website design be a cold and ugly generic template.
We specialize in bespoke once off designs unique to each client’s needs.

We don’t just make great website designs and hand off to the client, we partner with you to make your online presence a success, leaving you to concentrate on your business.